Monday, November 4, 2013

Your Personal Brand Strategy: Win Brand Advocates

As an entrepreneur hopefully you have come to understand the importance of having a personal brand strategy. Understanding what branding is all about is the key to winning brand advocates.Brand advocates is a term used more and more frequently in marketing circles because it describes the customer or visitor all businesses want to have, whether on the Internet or not.Internet marketers understand the value of affiliates so many offer affiliate programs for the products or services they provide. This is a monetary system in that the affiliates receive a percentage of the sale in return for recommending the products to their lists. This is great motivation for the affiliate.A Brand Advocate on the other hand, is a customer or visitor who recognizes the value of the products and services you provide and promotes the brand without monetary gain. "have you heard" expressed by brand advocates can be magic words for the business owner.Your personal brand strategy has to include creating a reliable and trustworthy brand. Customers and visitors need to trust you and what you represent. When they feel this way, you will experience the "have you heard" messages passed on from your brand advocates to others. It doesn't get any better than that.By now we hope you understand that your brand is much more than a logo and tag line. Your brand is who you are and what you represent.Are you a solutions provider? What problems do your customers or visitors have that you have the answer for? Being a solutions provider will go far in winning brand advocates.Are you easy to reach? Are your contact details available on your website? Do you provide good customer service? Are your communications respectful and demonstrate integrity and honesty?Is your website professional or does it look like it was thrown together at the last minute?If you care about how you dress when you go out, think about how you dress your website. It's all part of your personal brand strategy. Remember that your logo is only a representation of your brand. Your brand is you.It's very likely that you have been a brand advocate for businesses including your hairdresser, and doctors. No doubt you have found products you just loved and told your friends about. This is the dream of every business owner, including you. Make it a goal to win more and more brand advocates by making sure your brand is worth spreading the word about. Think about what impresses you about other brands and then make impressing your customers in positive ways part of your personal brand strategy.

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