Thursday, November 14, 2013

Outdoor Activities and Games for the Whole Family

There are many things to do when it comes to fun outdoor activities. They can vary depending on the number of people involved, the space available and interests of the participants. Let's discuss some common and not so common options.One of the most popular outdoor activities for groups of people is most likely a nice softball game. Almost everyone knows how to play softball and it's great fun no matter what your skill level.If the outdoor activity is set at a public park, there is most likely a baseball field already available there for a game. Before you go, make sure to bring the key equipment necessary like bats, balls, and perhaps mitts. At some larger parks you may need to reserve a baseball diamond in advance because sometimes adult leagues or little league teams will book diamonds for practice at public parks, so make sure to check with your local park to see if reservations are required or recommended.The game can be arranged for larger or smaller teams, depending on the number of participants involved. A softball game is a great thing to do before or after the serving of an outdoor meal like a barbeque. It gives the cooks time to prepare the meal and set up the tables. Or if set up after the meal, it's a nice way to keep people busy throughout the day.Some people enjoy football so they make like to plan for a simple game of touch football. It is a nice game for boys and girls. The teams can be as small as three or four each so it's great for smaller gatherings. The equipment typically only entails a football so it's easy to plan for.For a fun outdoor activity by the beach, there is nothing better than a great game of beach volleyball. Simply set up a net in the sand and players can have a fun time bouncing the ball back and forth. Beach volleyball is also a very social sport, so you may even have strangers on the beach asking if they can join in on the fun too!There are some great lawn games consider as well. A popular one is horseshoes. Most people already know how to play the game and it can be a great source of entertainment. Another game which has been played in the Midwest and particularly Ohio for many years is called Cornhole.It uses simple equipment including two slanted boards with a hole on each end and a bunch of corn filled cotton bags. The goal of the game is for each player to toss the bags at the slanted board and try to keep it on the board. If they are able to get the bag to slide up the board and into a hole at the end, they will earn maximum points.The great thing about cornhole is that it is a very easy game to learn and it perfect for players of all ages, so you can have grandparents playing right alongside the grandkids!But whatever game you play, get outside and have some fun!

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