Thursday, November 14, 2013

5 Watery Outdoor Activities For Toddlers and Preschoolers

Keeping your young children cool and occupied during the summer is so easy. Take one (or more) littlies, add water and a whole lot of fun - that equals hours of enjoyment. Although a small paddling pool is ideal, a large plastic tub works just as well. In fact, while away on holiday one year, we improvised with a recycling bin lined with the plastic mat we put on the floor under the children's table! Here are 5 easy activity ideas to do with your toddlers and preschoolers:1. Water Painting
You will need: Paint brush and a bucket of waterMany parents are not keen on doing painting with their kids because of the mess. A clean, fun alternative is for them to use a paint brush and water outside. They can paint water pictures onto any flat surface or use the brush and water to clean their bike or toys. Use the type of paint brush you would use for painting furniture.2. Floating and Sinking
You will need: a tub or bucket of water, a selection of items, eg. a shell, a pebble, a leaf, a flower, a plastic container, a sponge, a plastic block
This is a great learning activity. Give your child a range of items to experiment with to see if they float or sink in the tub of water. Then let them choose some items for themselves.3. Mixing it up
You will need: Plastic containers, cold water, warm water, and everyday powders like flour, cocoa, sugar, spoons, whisk, egg beater, jug or bottle
Kids love mixing...let your little one experiment with mixing different amounts of water to the various powders. Then change the temperature of the water and offer different implements to stir, whisk and beat the mixtures with.4. Water Play - All in
You will need: A large tub of water (a small paddling pool is better), everything from your kitchen that could make water fun - funnel, eggbeater, whisk, jugs, sieve, colander, strawsOn a hot, sunny day there is nothing like water to keep your little ones occupied. A large tub of water and lots of equipment to experiment with will keep them engaged and cool for a long time.5. Water Stamping
You will need: Sponges and a bucket of water
Water Stamping is a variation on water painting that is fun and easy. Try "stamping" with anything - make hand prints, foot prints and cut sponges into fun stamping shapes.Finally, please remember the water safety message - it is important to supervise young children around water.

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