Thursday, November 14, 2013

Outdoor Activities

Most of us have too much stress in our life, and the greatest and easiest way to reduce that stress is to get outside. Simple, right? Well, no. Not if we're used to being inside, or don't understand our options for outdoor activities. We need to consider what helps us to relax: being with other people, or being alone? Physical activity? Quiet contemplation or reading?Each of these options has an equivalent outdoors activity. And we improve our health and mental focus when we make changes that allow us to get outside more.Consider these activities:
Canoeing & Kayaking
Hiking and Trekking
Swimming and Snorkeling
Triathlon (or some form of it)
Winter Sports
Each of these activities offers something for individuals or for groups and families. Each offers minimal, basic activities or full-blown, expert challenges. And you can select outdoor activities that allow you to expend large amounts of physical energy - or to sit quietly and pursue more quiet pursuits. There's something for everyone!The Internet today offers a handy, readily available source of information on the how's, why's and where's for outdoor time. Pick one of the above activities, decide which shape of that activity you're interested in, and search ahead!In addition to commercial sources of information, there are enthusiasts' sites that offer personal experience, expert tips and specifics about getting started. The only thing holding you back is your own motivation. The outdoors is always available in some form - now you just need a good idea for what to do outside. Find out.The season of the year and the weather involved obviously shape what you can plan to do immediately. But if it's not time for the activity you're ready to begin, use the time to read and research. Again, online sites offer more information than you will have time to explore, and often the information is valid and valuable.

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