Thursday, November 14, 2013

The CamelBak Hydration Pack - The Perfect Outdoor Activity Companion

There is one sports equipment innovation available today that any outdoor activity enthusiast should not be caught without. The CamelBak hydration pack is a must-have for those who wish to get the most out of their outdoor activities. Using these hydration packs will ensure that there is adequate water supply to keep the body in tip-top condition to fully enjoy everything an outdoor activity has to offer. It is no secret that the lack of water amidst the exposure to heat and the prolonged physical exertion in most outdoor activities could cause a number of physical impairments.For starters, the huffing and puffing that comes from tiredness in the middle of a long walk signals the start of dehydration. All the sweat that has come out from the body during the physical exertion has disrupted the body's hydration balance. Medical experts stress the importance of keeping the body hydrated during the activity in order to prevent the onset of dehydration. In fact, drinking water before any form of physical exertion is recommended. During the activity, taking in about 10 ounces of fluids for every quarter hour to half hour of strenuous physical exertion is advised. In any outdoor activity, stopping every quarter hour or half hour to get a drink of water is not exactly an appealing thought. In most cases, such stops could be perceived as bothersome and a tad unnecessary.With the advent of the CamelBak hydration pack, drinking water during an outdoor activity ceases to be inconvenient and bothersome. Hydration packs conveniently allow a user to carry his water supply in a water reservoir on his back or around his waist. When the need for water arises, all the user has to do is to put the bite valve into his mouth and bite onto it to get his drink. This bite valve is connected by a hose to the water reservoir in the hydration pack that sits comfortable on the users back. This eliminates the need to stop and lose those precious minutes of outdoor activity. As drinking water is more convenient, more time can be devoted to enjoying the activity and the perils of dehydration are averted.While there are some contentions as to the safety of such packs, most reputable brands like CamelBak have proven their mettle. Top manufactures have even added their own proprietary hygiene and safety features to ensure that consumers get only the best products. For a price tag of not lower than $40, consumers can expect hydration packs that are treated with antimicrobial components, constructed with durable and resistant materials, and designed with features that promote comfort and convenience. Needless to say, cheaper products of the same type do not necessarily mean the same quality. Comparing one brand versus another is still a good practice when making any purchase decision. Make a checklist of features you consider important and compare brands and styles side by side. In as far as hydration products are concerned, CamelBak hydration packs have been in the market longer than most brands and are considered to be one of the pioneers in hydration pack technology.

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