Thursday, November 14, 2013

Using Tarps for Different Outdoor Activities

Tarpaulins, more commonly known as tarps, are large sheets of durable, waterproof materials. They can be made of fabrics such as canvas and polyester or of polyethylene plastic. Most of them have grommets at the corners, making it easy for people to attach ropes and strings to them.Tarps were first used to cover large objects on ships in order to protect them from the elements. As a matter of fact, the term tarpaulin comes from the words "tar" and "palling" which refers to the tarred canvass pall used by sailors to protect ship various cargo. Today, tarps are still used for this purpose, but people have found a lot more applications for the durable protective material.For non-industrial applications, tarps are most popular among hikers, campers and other outdoorsmen. The material is used to provide temporary and emergency shelter from the sun, wind, rain, and other weather conditions. They are also used as groundcover, allowing campers to sleep under the stars.However, tarps are also used in different activities in everyday life. They are used to protect everything from floors when painting, to baseball fields. Heavy duty tarps can also be useful for other activities closer to home, such as backyard barbeques and lawn parties.Tarps are lightweight and easy to put up and to take down for short trips and unexpected rain. In addition, carrying lightweight materials such as these during trekking and mountain climbing is important to ensure that mobility is not compromised.While trekking, lightweight materials are preferred because trekkers have to carry everything they bring on their backs, and there's not much room for excess. During mountain climbing, it is important that usefulness of equipment is worth its weight or more.In addition, tarps can also be used in other outdoor activities such as boating and fishing. When boating, tarps can also be an emergency shelter when there is a sudden downpour. After boating, they may also be used to cover the boat. When fishing, a tarp can also be used as a groundcover. Moreover, this can also be a temporary container for newly caught fish.Tarps can also be used on the beach in order to protect other equipment like scuba and snorkeling gear or surf boards from the sand. Sand is highly abrasive and can scratch the paint and plastics on expensive components. Because of its durability, flexibility, and utility, there's no doubt that tarps have become a mainstay during any outdoor activity.

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