Thursday, November 14, 2013

Vancouver Island - Spectacular Scenery and Outdoor Activities

Vancouver Island and is located west of British Columbia, just 90 minutes from Vancouver by ferry across the Strait of Georgia. Vancouver Island is famous for its spectacular sceneries along the coastlines and known as a place where you can ski and play golf in one day.Stunning Nature
Vancouver Island, or 'The Island', is like a real paradise with its unspoiled beaches and bright green rainforests surrounded by the Pacific Ocean. You will find a huge variety of plants and animals, imposing snowy mountains and shimmering bays, rivers and lakes. Fields completely filled with wildflowers, wide farmlands and plenty of vineyards.Outdoor Activities
All together the Island offers a variety of outdoor activities, like skiing, playing golf and practicing all kinds of water sports. But also some excellent wine tasting and beautiful walks.Laid-back Victoria
The capital of Vancouver Island is Victoria, down south, is known for its laid-back artistic culture. Its ancient parliament reminds you of Britain. Stroll through the little streets, colorful gardens and enjoy the many caf├ęs, pubs and the picturesque harbor where the ambiance is nice and calm.Butchart Botanical Gardens
You don't want to miss out on the Butchart botanical gardens with more than one million plants. The gardens creatively designed and divided by theme: rose gardens, Japanese gardens and Italian gardens. Plan your Visit when there is an outdoor concert on a nice summer evening, when the gardens will be spectacular illuminated by colored lights.Tofino
The little fishing town Tofino offers the best sandy beaches. Go out on the ocean for whale watching form here or ride the waves on your surfboard.

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