Thursday, November 14, 2013

Burning Calories with Outdoor Activities

I always feel that spring and summer are the most wonderful seasons of the year. I can do many things outside the house during those seasons.Although I can also do my activities during autumn and winter, I find that spring and summer are more exciting, especially when it comes to burning off calories.Here are some fun activities I do and the calories burned out of them. Maybe you'll want to do the same. Check it out....1. Gardening - I clean my garden, water the flowers, plant seeds, trim shrubs, watch my blooming flowers, etc. Gardening during these seasons is fun and gives me lots of enjoyment. It is like a workout as I burn about 100-120 calories in 30 minutes gardening.2. Bicycling -I love doing this activity. I can go anywhere I want as far as I can reach. This is like a low impact workout. But I don't really go far, most of the time it is just in the neighborhood area. After riding about 30 minutes, I will have burned about 300 calories. This is a great way to stay in shape.3. Trekking - I like to go trekking at a conservation park. It is fun and I enjoy the nice scenery; I also burn off some calories. For these activities I need more preparation because I have to wear a special outfit and need to do more warming up exercise to avoid cramps while climbing high area. For 30 minutes of trekking I burn about 350 calories.4. Swimming - This is a fun way to stay cool during hot season. I go to the beach and indoor pools, depending on my schedule. However, I prefer swimming in the sea. It burns off my calories at about 300 in 30 minutes.5. Water Skiing - This is a more rare activity I do. But, once in a while I go with my friends. It can help me build my upper and lower body muscles. From this activity, I'll lose about 200 calories in 30 minutes.If you have any other activities you like to do outdoor, just enjoy them.Don't forget to wear sun cream to protect your skin from sunburn. Have fun...

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