Thursday, November 14, 2013

Phoenix Arizona - Outdoor Activities at Papago Park

Papago Park , conveniently nestled between Scottsdale, Tempe and Phoenix, is a desert oasis packed with activities for every age group. From leisurely picnics to more strenuous activities such as hiking and mountain biking, the desert terrain and park amenities are sure to provide endless sources of entertainment for residents of the greater Phoenix area.
For fans of team sports, Papago Park has a number of great sporting fields for baseball and softball, volley ball courts, as well as great courts to join a pickup game of basketball. If your tastes lean more toward golf, the Papago Park Municipal Golf Course is constantly recognized as one of the best municipal golf courses in the valley.For hiking and bouldering fans, Papago Park's beautiful red stone buttes offer a great opportunity to hike and climb, but are easily accessible to most anyone. The park is fairly flat, so the the trails represent a great opportunity for those just getting in to hiking or mountain biking, or people that are looking for a chance to get out for some activity, but not looking to climb a mountain. Trail running is another popular activity and the large numbers of trails through the park offer an excellent variety for switching up your routine. For a nice view or an excellent place to relax and watch the sunset, or just to see an interesting geological formation, climb up the rocks and check out the large hole in the rock.Want to try something new? Papago Park is a favorite with local Geocachers. Geocaching is a fun activity where people hide objects and give the GPS coordinates for finding them. People hide a container with an object in it; someone else goes and finds the container, takes the object and replaces it with another. It's an interesting activity to get out for a bit and explore. All you need to get started is a handheld GPS or even an iPhone and you are on your way.Papago Park is also home to a couple of the Phoenix areas great attractions, the Phoenix Zoo and the Desert Botanical Gardens. The zoo offers a number of great exhibits as well as some great areas for children to play and explore, while learning about wildlife and conservation. Whether you are looking for a quick getaway, a great spot to get out and exercise in the fresh air, or just enjoy a nice Sunday picnic, Papago Park offers endless outdoor entertainment opportunities in a location that could not be any more convenient.

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