Thursday, November 14, 2013

Surefire Torch - Ideal For the Home and Outdoor Activities

A torch / flashlight is a tool that everyone should at least have in the home. Ideal for power failures the torch will help you see and find the fuse box you otherwise would have great difficulty in locating in a blackout. Just for uses such as this though the torch you require need not be of any great specifications or technology and if only used once in a while then a cheap low quality torch is perfectly acceptable.However there are more uses for the torch than to just sit dormant in the household until an emergency requires its services. If you are an outdoor type then a torch has to be one of your essential pieces of equipment that you never leave home without. And as such an important tool it is to the outdoor type then you must have quality and dependability.Surefire Torches are not cheap but on the quality front they thrive. Such is the quality and dependability of the Surefire torch many law enforcement agencies like the FBI use them as standard issue. Surefire is a company based in Fountain Valley founded in 1979. Originally it was a company just making telescopic sights for weapons but they have now evolved and diversified to make torches, batteries, pens and knives as well. When you look at a surefire torch you can see the resemblance to a telescopic weapon sight quite clearly.The Surefire G2 torch is one nice little rugged versatile tool. It is built to last forever and with it's body being made of corrosion proof Nitrolon polymer you have to believe this. There are a variety of colours this model comes in and with it being so compact it easily fits in to the pocket or any rucksack for easy transportation. The O ring is sealed and hence waterproof whilst the tail cap switch is so easy to use with just a light press for momentary light or a twist for constant power. This G2 can produce nearly four times the light output than most normal 2 D cell torches.This G2 is nicely priced for what you actually get and because of it's high quality of manufacture and performance abilities it is actually extremely ideal for most outdoor activities and especially for camping I feel. Apart from losing the G2 or being an unfortunate victim of theft this G2 should last you a lifetime making the price tag even more tempting. Surefire has a whole range of torches, so if this little beauty is not what you are looking for then you must check out all the other available Surefire options just on the basis of their quality and durability.

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