Thursday, November 14, 2013

Outdoor Activity Toys For Children And Adults

This article talks about the many toys that can be used outside in he garden, playground, or a park, that help to improve the health of children. Many of these toys have been taken up by adults, and adult versions of them are now readily available for purchase.Space Hopper - Around since the late 1960s, this inflated rubber ball with handles is a favourite not only in the home and garden, but also at fairs, parties, and similar events, where a number of people bounce along on them in races. These started out as children's toys, but are now available in adult sizes. They have also become part of the retro scene and are known as retro space hoppers. These retro items are from the past and are usually recreated with modern technology.Pogo Stick - Invented in Germany in 1919 by George Hansburg, this fun gadget allowed the user to jump up and down (pogo), and jump higher than they could if unassisted. The standard pogo stick is constructed from two poles, one shorter than the other, and put together like a telescope with the shorter one covering the end of the longer. The longer pole has a T shaped handle at the end opposite to where the short pole it. One end of the short pole is blocked off and a thick rubber nub is fixed to the end. An extremely strong spring is placed inside the short pole and pushes against the end of the long pole (allows for the pogo effect), and finally foot holds are fixed to the short pole close to the end where the long pole protrudes.To use a pogo stick someone just grabs hold of the handles, places their feet onto the foot holds, thus balancing on the pogo stick, then jumps up with the pogo, and as the person and stick comes down the stick's mechanism comes into action (spring compresses) and forces the person back up in the air (spring releases).Trampoline - There are no written records of who actually invented the trampoline, although various forms have appeared throughout time. Trampolines as we know them today, first came into existence in 1936, and were the joint product of two Iowa University (USA) students, Larry Griswold and George Nissen.The trampoline is constructed from an extremely tough fabric that is stretched over a steel frame, this frame is connected to an outer frame by coiled springs, which enables someone to bounce up and down on the apparatus. The outer frame is suspended above the ground by a number of legs, thus providing a safe area for when the person is on their descent and thus stretching the springs and fabric towards the ground.The trampoline has become a favourite in many household gardens, and is used in many sports events as part of the gymnastics events.Hula Hoop (sports hoops) - Another toy come exercise tool that has no written proof as to who had invented it, the hula hoop is used in a number of ways to spin it around a person's body. Primarily envisioned as being twirled around the waist it is also twirled around other parts of the body, such as the head, legs and arms. They are also rolled along the ground or thrown in the air.Besides being popular with children, they are also used as part of routines by performers, and as part of exercise routines by keep fit enthusiasts.The hula hoop as we know it today is made up of a single ring of plastic tubing, and generally comes in two sizes, one for adults and the second for children.Skipping rope / Jump rope - Yet again, we have another activity that has no proof of who created it, although possible examples have been found with the Australian aborigines and in ancient Egypt.The rope itself is usually made from rope, or leather (sports), and can be with or without a handle at each end. Holding an end of the rope in each hand the person swings the rope over their head and under their legs continuously, until they either have had enough or they come foul of the rope.As with the previously stated toys, this too has gone from a child's play thing to sports and entertainment. It has become very popular in the sporting and fitness world as a means to get in shape, most notably in boxing, and has been seen to be part of performing artists' acts.We have 5 fun, affordable and easily obtainable activities in the space hopper, pogo stick, trampoline, hula hoop, and jump / skipping rope, that can be used by anyone in the family, which can be used outside and are excellent for building up and maintaining physical fitness.

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