Thursday, November 14, 2013

5 Outdoor Activities to Do With Your Children

1. CyclingThere are few better feelings on a warm summer's day than riding into a gentle breeze on a bike. Find a traffic free trail or track with a flat profile and the kids will enjoy the freedom and exercise cycling provides. Good for the environment and good for you and your children, a bike ride is a great simple pleasure.2. CampingA good way to get closer to nature is to set up at a campsite. This activity will allow your children the freedom to run around and interact with other children. Campers experience a close bond to the weather around them and a greater appreciation of its continuous change. Snuggling up in a sleeping bag under canvas is one of life's must do experiences. Waking up to the sound of bird song beats an alarm clock and heavy traffic.3. WalkingThe simplest activity in this list but one that can be overlooked the most. There is no better way to appreciate the outdoors than walking through it. To make it exciting for younger children, organise a walk through interesting terrain. Maybe pass a ruined castle, cross a bridge, climb a mountain or delve into a wood. Remember to take a drink, mobile phone and a map if you are unsure of the area.4. Go to the BeachChildren tend to love the sand so this is an exciting activity if you don't live near a beach. Remember to take sports equipment e.g. a football or a cricket set. Also a net for rock pool searches.Don't forget the bucket and spade, especially enjoyable if the tide is coming in and pack a kite too if you have room. Don't forget the sun cream.5. Have a picnicThis activity is easily added to any of the above and is a great way to enjoy good food in attractive settings. Find a well tended park with trees offering shade and set yourselves down.Try to select good food not just pre-made supermarket sandwiches. It is far more satisfying breaking up fresh bread and cutting your own cheese or slicing ham to go with it. A fine picnic lunch should be topped off with a spot of rounders or a leisurely stroll.I hope you find some of the suggestions above useful. All there is left to do now is get outdoors, give them a try and enjoy spending good quality time with your children.

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