Thursday, November 14, 2013

Safety Reminders During Summer Outdoor Activities

Most people find summer to be fun and exciting. There are a lot of outdoor activities that you can do during summer season because of the good weather conditions. You can go to the beach and do beach volleyball or you can play tennis outside.The only thing that makes summer not so fun is that you will be prone to a lot of illnesses brought about by too much heat exposure like heatstroke. Another risk factor during summer is the high humidity that it brings.High humidity is very dangerous. When air humidity goes above 60% you must not expose yourself so much to heat to prevent possible damages. High humidity will make your body hotter because you will sweat out efficiently. Your body will have difficulty in cooling itself because of the humid air.There are different factors that can make you more vulnerable to illnesses during summer season. Heavy alcohol drinking and being obese can make you more vulnerable to illnesses in a hot weather. Children are also at risk because their body is not mature enough to absorb the heat and adjust to temperature changes brought about by summer.You must take good care of yourself from the illnesses that can be caused by so much heat exposure during summer season. If you prefer to play outside during a hot season you must remember a few things to keep yourself safe. There are some tips that you should know for you to make yourself safe all the time.You must do your activities during the cooler period of the day like in the morning or after sunset. You must look for areas where there is no direct sunlight and you must wear clothes that have light colors and that allows better ventilation. You also need to tone down your exercise to make it more lighter and less stressful to avoid too much heat production brought about by increased metabolism.Try to avoid doing your activities when you feel it is too hot and you must take a rest as often as possible to cool down your body. You are also advised to use sun block to prevent possible damages to your skin. You must drink a lot of water to maintain your hydration status and prevent dehydration. Always remember that summer is fun if we will do our favorite activities with so much caution and care. Try to enjoy summer outdoor activities without acquiring heat induced illnesses.

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