Thursday, November 14, 2013

Top 5 Outdoor Activities in Pigeon Forge

A big portion of the visitors that come to Pigeon Forge are lured by the abundance of outdoor activities. Pigeon Forge is well known for its proximity to the Great Smoky Mountains. Shopping malls are a big attraction to the area as well. But what makes Pigeon forge a hot destination is the variety of outdoors activities that could be performed here.1- Hiking: hiking is by far one outdoors activity that appeals to a large population. the abundance of trails inside and outside of the park is phenomenal. Some of these trails are only a mile or less. Some others stretch for several miles. It is recommended to not hike outside of the designated trails. It is safer and the risk of getting lost is much smaller.2- Wildlife viewing: the smoky mountains host a wide variety of wildlife species. More than 66 species of mammals, 200 birds, amphibians and reptiles make of the Smokies their home. The most notorious animals that live in the area are the black bears. Deers can also be easily spotted in the national park.3. Camping: several camping spots are allocated close to pigeon forge. Most of them are equipped with the minimum necessities of the daily life. Make sure you get an authorization from the ranger office before camping in the park. Also many campgrounds are available around the city of Pigeon Forge and are within walking distance to downtown.4. Tubing: This is one of my favorites. Along the Pigeon river, you can get on an air tube and just relax as you are tubing down the river. The water is so relaxing. There are 2 types of rapids: a fast rapid for the adults and a slower rapid for children under 12. The trip usually lasts 1 hour to 2 hours and you can redo it as much as you like.5. Skiing: During the winter season, Ober Gatlinburg attracts many ski enthusiasts and fans. The ski resort has 8 slopes and features many winter activities such as ice skating, and sledding. Ober Gatlinburg ski resort is the biggest ski resort in the state of Tennessee and one of the largest in the South East. Bear in mind that the slopes will only be open during the winter season.Most of these activities are either free or pretty inexpensive. Skiing would be the most expensive one in this list. Just under $60.But it is well worth it.

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