Thursday, November 14, 2013

Dry and Storage Sacks for All Outdoor Activities

A multi-functional dry sack, with its heavy-duty construction, water-repellent properties and 5 to 55-Liter capacity, is perfect for the safe storage and transportation of goods in a wide variety of pursuits, tasks, and uses for the outdoor enthusiast.If paddling, sailing or setting-up camp close to a creek, a small to large sized dry bag offers an essential piece of kit, with its ability to seal tightly via its top roll-seal closure system - this ensures items are kept dry, while also providing a decent level of buoyancy if it should fall in a lake or overboard.Some common features to the heavy-duty sacks consist of a reinforced bottom to aid in standing up in rugged terrain, multiple D-rings to assist in attaching to a luggage rack, bike, boat or raft, internal sections to separate wet and dry items, and a see-through construction helps to make searching items in a rush easier.Besides the high-quality dry bags, a lightweight, and compact-sized dry case or wallet, made of super resilient materials, offers the ideal choice to protect such items as cameras, cell phones, MP3 players, Kindles, passports, etc on a beach or out canoeing, snorkeling or poolside. An ultra-light wallet of this nature is made to slip easily into backpack or hang around the neck.Other options in the series of water proof bags include the duffel bag, with its hand-held handle or shoulder strap, resilient 600-denier fabric exterior and seamless PVC interior, to provide efficient waterproofing protection, as well as the similar styled backpacks, which also provide great features and protection. Either choice is designed to cope with a quick submersion - often in the region of up to 3-feet.All in all, a water-repellent dry sack, with its reliable roll-down sealing, is ideal to protect electronics, snacks, clothes, passports/maps, etc. from damage in times of water-borne activities and adventures.

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