Saturday, November 2, 2013

Your Guide To UK Home Insurance

Home owner insurance is and essential form of protection for every homeowner around the world, regardless of where they happen to live. Some countries' insurance provisions are far stronger than others though. The UK home insurance standard is higher than most and provides individuals with great property protection from the moment the home building and contents insurance UK policies come into force. There are some key pieces of information that you need to know before you take out a UK home insurance policy though.In this day and age, high street lenders and banks have to diversify in order to keep profit margins high and ensure that they retain customers year after year. As a result, both banks and specialist insurance companies routinely provide UK home insurance. Banks that provide UK home insurance actually sell it as their own product but have specialist insurance companies behind the cover so that your bank based home owner insurance policy is just as good as those offered by said companies.Unlike some other countries that require you to undergo a credit check before they approve your home owner insurance application, UK home insurance and finance regulations state that this is not necessary to obtain a basic home insurance policy in the UK. The Financial Services Authority, the regulating body of UK home insurance, has stated that treating customers fairly is a must for all financial institutions and that discriminating on the basis of credit history is unfair. Everyone should have the right to basic protection and therefore home building and contents insurance UK companies only take the actual address into consideration.An address can reveal so much about the house. It is actually run through a database packed full of information about every location in the UK. The database can reveal the housing band, type of area, surrounding environmental elements and so on. Your quote is then based on that information as well as any other questions that you may be asked.UK home insurance providers do not usually insure properties outside of the UK as a matter of principle. They cannot control factors outside of their own company and would have no way of monitoring and verifying claims. If you are purchasing property in the UK but currently reside abroad then it is possible to set up home owner insurance to commence on your arrival in your new home though. However, this does require special provisions that an insurance company can discuss further with you.UK home insurance is a lot more comprehensive and simpler in nature than a lot of other countries' insurance. The system and its regulating body have been designed specifically to benefit the consumer as well as make a profit. The claims process is generally simpler too so there can be no excuse for not protecting your property there!

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