Monday, November 4, 2013

Why You Need the Services of a Small Business Advocate

A small business needs crucial management and marketing information to survive. Sometimes, this information is not readily available. The information is so technical that, a common entrepreneur may not be able to interpret it. At such times, he may need expert advice on the complexity of the issues and this can be best handled by a business advocate.These advocates provide a forum in which an entrepreneur can ask as many questions as he may have regarding the running and management of an enterprise. The more you know about the market trends, the less likely you are to be eaten up or squeezed out of your senses by other enterprises, banks, vendors, personnel issues, government regulations and cash flow concerns. The advocates conduct market research, such that they are always armed with the factual information of what is happening on the ground.The chances of being misled when you have consulted an advocate are slim. The advocates work in collaboration with Small Business Development Centers, which are government approved agencies that are established to help small and medium enterprises to operate without resistance. Currently, they are conducting a research on on the issues that are adversely affecting enterprises. They are doing this through a series of forums and online survey.Among other responsibilities of an advocate, is to strengthen the authority of Office of the Administrative Law that governs enterprises. By so doing, advocates ensure that small enterprises are well protected by the law. They also intervene on issues to do with economic impact and review lower cost alternatives for these enterprises. It is also their duty to encourage and nurture meaningful participation of enterprises in regulation drafting.

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