Friday, November 1, 2013

The World's Best Dog Food

We are now many months removed from the dog food recall. For those that don't remember or just weren't checking the news, the dog food recall was where several different brands of dog food were recalled due to impurities in the food that were causing dogs and cats to get sick and/or die. These foods were coming from some of the biggest names in dog food. Dog owners around the world were running scared as they realized that they had been taken by large corporations who weren't held to high food processing standards. To this day I often get asked by my clients what type of dog food I recommend. Many of my clients have dogs who suffer from allergies, eat their own stool, shed excessively, poop excessively, and have all sorts of other issues related to poor quality pet foods.It was around that time that I started searching for the right pet food so that I would have an answer when my client asks, "What should I feed my dog." My criteria for choosing the right food was the following in no particular order:1. Quality- I love my dogs. They deserve good food. Not only that, a quality food is going to save me money at the vet. The pet food industry has a very wide berth to do what they want. It is not illegal for them to put rotting carcasses into your dog's food or use the ground up euthanized animals from shelters as filler. Disgusting, I know, but these are standard practices for some of the largest pet food manufacturers.2. Cost- I'm a dog trainer. What that means is that I enjoy my job but I'm not a rich man. It has to be a good quality but at a fair price.3. Taste- My dogs have to like it. I have been through tons of dog foods that my dogs just can't stand.4. Simplicity- There are a lot of premium dog foods that are great but you can't find them anywhere. If you are able to get them to special ship the food to your door it costs an arm and a leg.5. Corporate responsibility- I wanted to make sure that if was recommending a dog food company that they would take care of my clients and that they were constantly innovating to make sure that the food remains quality.So after an exhaustive search I was finally able to come by a food that I can recommend without hesitation. I recommend it so much that it is the only food I feed my own dogs and I even started selling it on this website. It hit every one of the check marks with no problems at all:1. This company uses only human grade ingredients. They don't use chemical preservatives, no fillers, high quality proteins, and the list goes on. Basically, you could eat this food. You probably wouldn't want to but you could.2. This food costs more than the commercial dog food I used to feed. It is much more nutritionally dense, however, so I end up feeding my own dogs less than what I would of a commercial food. As a result, I end up paying about $5-$10 more per month to feed this food than I used to with a commercial food. I can live with that.3. I have recommended this food to the most picky of eaters. So far I've got a perfect record, every dog likes the taste of this stuff.4. This dog food is delivered to your door, provided you live in the lower 48 states. Whenever I order I usually get the food the next day or the day after, provided I didn't order over the weekend.5. This company was not involved in the dog food recall. Not only that they offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on their food. You can get a full refund if you aren't satisfied. Who does that anymore? Heard enough? I recommend you check it out.

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