Friday, November 1, 2013

Pet Food Recall! Frequently Asked Questions

What is being recalled?On March 16, Menu Foods, Inc. of Streetsville, Ontario, Canada initiated a voluntary recall involving a large number of both dog and cat foods produced at its facilities in Emporia, Kansas and Pennsauken, N.J. between December 3, 2006 and March 6, 2007. The products are sold by many different distributors under a number of different brand names. At present, Menu Foods is recalling dog food products marketed by about 50 firms and cat food products marketed by about 40 firms.What prompted the recall?Menu Foods, Inc. initiated the voluntary recall after conducting routine tasting trials in which some animals developed kidney failure after eating the product being tested. The company had also received consumer complaints, some of which apparently involved kidney failure. The firm has undertaken extensive testing of the pet food products in question, but has not yet been able to find the source of the problem.When did Menu Foods first notify FDA of the problem and a possible recall?On Thursday, March 15, 2007.What is wrong with the pet foods?It is unclear what is causing the adverse effects reported by Menu Foods and pet owners. FDA is working with Menu Foods, pet owners, pet food companies, local veterinarians, and diagnostic laboratories to identify the source of the problem.Are only dog and cat foods involved in the recall?Yes. The recall is only confined to pet food intended for dogs and cats. The affected products are moist (packaged in pouches) and canned diets. The products have been described as "cuts and gravy" style pet foods.What should I do if I have cat or dog food at home?Please check the Menu Foods Recall Information: 1-866-8952708 to see if your pet food is involved in the recall. If your pet food is not listed, the pet food is not affected by the recall and you can continue to feed it to your pets. If the pet food is one of those being recalled, do NOT feed it to your animals. Feed your pets another pet food that is not included in the recall.Is dry dog or cat food affected by the recall?At this time, no dry dog or cat food has been implicated in pet injury or death.What should I do if I have cat and/or dog food included in the recall?Do NOT feed the pet food to your animals. Return the pet food to the store where you purchased it and ask for a refund. Stores generally have a return and refund policy when a company has announced a recall of its products. If you cannot return the pet food immediately, store the food in a secure place where pets and children cannot get to it.What if my pet ate one of the dog and cat foods being recalled?Monitor your pet. If your pet shows signs of illness (such as loss of appetite, lethargy and vomiting), you should consult with your veterinarian immediately. If your pet is diagnosed with renal failure, we suggest you hold onto the food if the brand and lot numbers match the recall.If my dog or cat ate some of the recalled food, how soon after would I see any symptoms?It's difficult to say for sure, but usually within a couple of days. The important thing is to monitor your pet closely for signs of lethargy, loss of appetite and vomiting. If your pet shows any of these signs, please consult your veterinarian.What is the FDA doing about the recall?FDA is conducting an investigation and working with Menu Foods and affected pet food companies to ensure that the recall is effective, and to identify the source of the contaminant. FDA is continuing to collect and analyze product samples in an attempt to identify the source(s) of the contaminant. FDA will continue to release additional information as it becomes available.How many confirmed pet illnesses and deaths have been reported to the FDA?It is difficult to determine confirmed illnesses and deaths associated with the recall. Since the recall was announced, FDA has received many complaints and we are following up. The FDA's primary concern is in identifying the source of the contaminant, assuring that the recall is effective and providing information to the public.What if I need more information about the recall?Consumers with questions may contact Menu Foods at 1-866-895-2708. Some of the other affected pet food companies whose products are included in the recall may also have consumer question lines. Check the product label of the pet food. Some firms have also notified FDA that they have issued press releases; links to these press releases are available on the FDA internet page.

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