Thursday, November 14, 2013

Outdoor Activities in Hawaii

If you are planning a vacation to the state of Hawaii, or if you are a Hawaiian, then you may be interested in exploring some of the outdoor activities in Hawaii. You have lots of options to choose from. Some of the most popular outdoor activities include camping, hiking and water sports.The first outdoor activities in Hawaii that you may want to try are terrestrial adventures. Hiking is a great outdoor activity that will allow you to explore Hawaii's tropical environments. If you are looking for a challenging hike then you may want to travel about 15 miles form Honolulu to Castle Trail. This trail system offers 7.6 miles of hiking trails and an elevation change of nearly 2800 feet. If you are not in the best shape then you may want to try a less challenging trail. A good trail for you is the Sacred Falls Trail. This trail system is located about 16 miles form Honolulu and it offers 3 miles of hiking trails and a modest elevation change of 539 feet.Visiting local beaches is another popular activity in Hawaii. There are dozens of great beaches located throughout the state. If you are staying in Honolulu then you have at least 25 beaches located within 10 miles of the city center. Some of your beach options include: Crescent Beach, Grays Beach, Hickam Harbor Beach, Khala Beach, Kapiolani Park Beach and Waikk Beach.Water activities in Hawaii are what make the state such a popular tourist destination. You can choose from ocean adventures like snorkeling, boating, cruising and diving, or you can visit one of the state's many lakes. Some of the lakes located near Honolulu, Hawaii include Alapena Pool, Hilton Lagoon, Keehi Lagoon, the Lily Pond and Nuuanu Reservoir Number Four. All of these fresh water bodies are located within 5 miles of Honolulu.

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