Friday, November 1, 2013

Natural Dog Food Reviews to the Rescue

When it comes to dog food, there are several types of food, flavors, and brands to make dog food comparisons from. It can be a difficult process finding the best food and selecting the right dog food brands to maintain your dog's health. Luckily for dog owners, there are dog food reviews that can help you decide what is best for your dog.There are three kinds of dog foods, but for this article we will focus on the natural balance dog foods available. Natural balance dog foods generally contain only fresh, natural and wholesome ingredients. There are several benefits to choosing natural balance dog foods over other kinds of food, but your dog will find that the protein and carbohydrate ingredients are easily digestible.There have been a number of dog food reviews and scientific studies that have shown that the best ingredient in dog food is meat-based protein. You will find that in many dog food brands the main ingredient is corn meal, flour or corn gluten meal. While not all natural balance dog foods contain meat-based protein, a majority of the brands do.Aside from keeping your dog healthier and more active, dog food reviews show that natural balance dog food has also been known to keep your dog's coat healthier and thicker. Along with that, your dog will have fewer digestive problems and firmer stools. The kinds of meat-based proteins you should look for in your dogs food is chicken, turkey, and white rice or brown rice.There are several kinds of dog food that is on the market and a plethora of different dog food brands to choose from. Many dog food reviews show that one of the best kinds is Life's Abundance Premium Health Food for Dogs. This dog food is reasonably priced and provides 100% complete nutrition in accordance to with AAFCO feeding protocols.Life's Abundance has a high antioxidant formula and three sources of premium protein. The sources of protein include chicken meal, egg and fish meal. Even better than what is included is what is not included in this dog food, which does not include corn, wheat, dairy or by-products.Another great dog food among dog food reviews is Sojos Dog Food Mix, which is a blend of wholesome grains, herbs, nuts and sea vegetables. To add flavor to the European style pet food, you can add meat and raw or steamed veges. As with Life's Abundance, Sojos Dog Food Mix does not contain fillers, preservatives, flavors or anything else.Although there are several kinds of dog food brands to choose from, looking at the many dog food reviews can help you find the healthiest meal for your dog. The more meat-based protein that is in the food, the better it will taste for your dog and the healthier it will be for your dog. And for that reason, the top natural balance dog foods are Life's Abundance Premium Health Food for Dogs and Sojos Dog Food Mix.

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