Thursday, November 14, 2013

Long Island's Outdoor Activities - Many Possibilities

One of the greatest things about living on Long Island today is the many things you can do outside. Some of these you can even do all year around, which is great for kids and adults. All types of people enjoy biking in many areas of the island. Many roads are conducive to the activity providing bike-only lanes, especially roads in the various parks. There are also many bicycle clubs that you can join, including the LI Bicycle club, which can match you up with other like-minded riders.Hiking clubs are another great option for meeting people and doing an outdoor activity. Some of the more popular trails to go hiking include the Nassau-Suffolk Greenbelt Mountain Bike Trail and the Walt Whitman trail in Suffolk County. Visiting preserves and sanctuaries for wildlife, whether it be animals or even plants, also makes for a great day outside.The number of state and county parks on Long Island adds to the endless opportunities you have for spending a day outdoors. Jones Beach state park is one of the most well known in the north eastern United States. During the warmer months, the most popular parks are those on the water. On a typical weekend day, one would see thousands of people hanging out at the beaches.Other options include camping grounds, botanical gardens and sports playing fields. There's so much to do, you just need to plan well, whether it's just enjoying the scenery or doing something more active. Long Island is a beautiful and fun-filled place to visit.

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