Monday, November 4, 2013

How a Medical Billing Advocate Can Help You Navigate Through Your Health Insurance Claims

A high quality medical billing advocate is often a great asset for clients who are beginning to understand how confusing the insurance claims process can be. One of the many protocols these medical billing advocates follow is reading through insurance paperwork in order to fully understand their clients insurance policy. What are the exact benefits covered in the plan? What are their prerequisites for receiving those benefits? What are the listed exclusions, and is there a detailed appeals process?One of the dangers that many insured people face is that they do not understand that if their doctors do not request the proper authorization for necessary medical treatment, they may not receive the reimbursement they need. The best way to avoid such a frustrating situation is to have open communication with both the physician and the claims department with the insurance company, which is often much easier with the help of a medical billing advocate. This person will be able to ensure that doctors obtain any prior authorization necessary for their client if a special health situation requires certain treatment.By keeping detailed records and proper organization can also help insured patients to avoid unnecessary altercations with their insurance company. Taking good notes and keeping all medical and insurance paperwork is particularly important when speaking with insurance companies about approval for medical coverage or reimbursement. Not being able to find the appropriate documentation for medical services can result in a delay-or even a denial-of medical reimbursement; and a successful appeal is often based on the client's or patient advocate's ability to produce documentation of medical necessity.The best time to begin considering the services of medical billing advocates is at the very beginning of the insurance claim process. If you find yourself in a situation where you must handle the negotiations between a healthcare providers and the insurance company, it may be time to look into obtaining the services of a medical billing advocate . These professionals specialize in health issues and provide invaluable services to their clients when it comes to successfully appealing to insurance companies. Medical bills can result in severe financial burdens for today's already struggling families, and any assistance patients receive in working with their insurance company's claims department may become invaluable.

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