Saturday, November 2, 2013

Home Insurance Rate - Do You Want The Best? Try These Tips

Home insurance rate: An affordable rate can be achieved in a lot of ways. However, some of them might leave you slightly compromised. I don't generally recommend such options because they defeat the main purpose of insurance in the first place. So, I'll only give you options that will also have you well covered in spite of saving you much. Here they are...1. You'll get lower rates if you use the right materials. Frame homes are more resistant to earthquakes while brick houses are more resistant to high winds. So having a frame home in the East will definitely cost you a lot more in home insurance. On the other hand, folks who reside in the West will get lower rates if theirs is a frame house because of the earthquakes there. Buying a home built with the appropriate material for your area will save you a minimum of 5%.2. You'll probably reduce your premium if you take time out to check your home insurance policy at least once a year or whenever things change in your house. That rare rug Aunt Molly gave you might not really be worth the $10,000 you insured it for presently.You'll save and still have adequate coverage by lowering your home insurance coverage by the right margin if it has dropped in value. Nevertheless, bear in mind that doing this could as well reveal that it's now valued a lot more and so require that you add to your coverage.3. Having a smoker in your home will increase your rates substantially. With over 23,000 residential fires being caused by smoking you will agree that it's really a serious factor. Do your best to make sure nobody smokes in your home and you'll attract more affordable rates.For people who smoke, bear in mind that you're entitled to a downward review in your rate once you've quit smoking for more than 12 months. What if your insurer refuses to give you discounts because some companies don't have non-smokers discounts? Then it is time to shop for an insurer who does unless you enjoy something else to make your continued stay with such an insurance company worthwhile.4. You'll get lower home insurance premiums if you do your landscaping right. Things like potholes increase the probability of injuries that will result in liability claims. To this extent, you'll be saving yourself some cash while making yours a more beautiful home. And if you haven't and plan to do it, talk with your insurance agent so you'll know the proper things to do in your landscaping to make sure you get the highest discounts possible with your insurer.5. It does happen that we sometimes want to renovate our house. Your motivation may not be to lower your home insurance premium. You just intend to make your house fit your taste or ensure everything works as it should.But isn't it heart-warming to know that this will as well get you huge discounts on your home insurance policy? Therefore, make sure your agent is informed about it.Brand new houses and houses that have been renovated are lower risks to an insurer and therefore attract lower home insurance premiums. However, take note that the scope of renovation carried out will also determine the size of discount you'll receive.6. The most important step to huge savings in home insurance is comparison shopping -- That's if you do it right. You can get quotes that will have a range that exceeds $1,000. You could easily save so much by just choosing the lowest quote. This should be the case if you're just after the lowest price.Nevertheless, if you're after the best price/value then you'd have to check the details of the lowest offers. Different insurers may have different exclusions for similar policies. It's important that you ask the agent what's part of the deal and what's not.

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