Saturday, November 2, 2013

Home Insurance Comparison for Different Types of Dwellings

When you make a home insurance comparison for different types of dwellings, you will find that they are not all the same. If you own your home, the coverage will be different than if you are renting. Condominiums even have special rules.The items covered are not the same for all types of policies.
Home owners' insurance covers the dwelling. Condominium insurance pays for the part of the building you own. You are paying to protect your investment in your house. In fact, if you have a mortgage, your lender will require it. Damage to your home must be fixed to satisfy you and your lender.
All three types of insurance cover liability. No matter what type of dwelling you live in, you could be held responsible for things that go wrong on your property. You need a policy that addresses this issue and covers it.
All three types of insurance cover personal injury. If you fall down the stairs, you will want your insurance policy to pay. No matter what kind of home you live in, this is true.
All three types cover your personal property if it is lost or damaged. When you do a home insurance comparison, you will see that personal property is one of the main reasons people get renters' insurance. At the same time, it is very important to home owners and condominium dwellers.
Home owners' insurance pays when people are injured on your property. When the neighbor comes over and breaks her ankle on your doorstep, you want to be able to file a claim to pay for her medical bills.
Home owner's insurance pays for natural disasters in most cases. If there is a tornado that wipes out your town, your insurance company should stand behind you and pay the claim.
Condominium insurance pays for property improvements you have made to the condo. These could include additions, balconies, or a private garage. If you go to the trouble of making your condo better, you should be reimbursed if it is damaged.
Do a home insurance comparison to find out if renters' insurance pays for living expenses in some cases. If an event that is named as one that will be covered, you will be given money to live on if you are deemed to need it.
Certain things are not covered for the different policies.
Floods, war, or nuclear damage are never included in any home insurance policy except for special flood coverage policies.
Condominium and renters' insurance do not cover neglect, intentional acts, or power failure. These are usually not mentioned as exclusions for home owners' insurance.
Home insurance comparison is important if you are moving from one type of dwelling to another. You need to know how things will change in your policy. Do not assume that your home owners' insurance will be the same as your old renters' insurance, for example. You need to ask questions and get all the facts.

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