Friday, November 1, 2013

Food Combining For Vibrant Health - How To

Food combining is an easy way to help your digestive system so that it can absorb all the food minerals and vitamins to maximum capacity. Food combining offers the opportunity to rid us of cell deterioration by keeping it rejuvenated with the energy and minerals from well-digested foods. Combining certain foods during the same meal can cause the body to be unable to do justice to the food eaten.It is a common belief that there is one digestive juice in the stomach, which will work on all kinds of foods at the same time. This is far from the truth. Food combining deals with exactly this issue. Digestion is a physiological procedure requiring certain rules. Just like a bulimia patient eats everything but throws it all up thus gaining no benefit of the food eaten, similarly a healthy person may eat very nutritious food but might eat it in the wrong combination thus getting no benefit from it due to lack of digestion. The basis of the food combining theory is that digestive juices are secreted at specific times in specific volumes. One must eat the right food at the right time so as to get maximum benefit from it. A protein-digesting enzyme will not digest carbohydrates and the carbohydrate-digesting enzyme will do nothing for the protein. What is more is that certain foods may actually render the digestive enzyme for another food invalid. So it is clear that combining foods that are not similar in their digestive ways will be useless eating.If certain food combining rules are followed one is able to optimize the accumulation of energy and convert it for use by the body thus keeping illnesses at bay. These rules are simple enough. Carbohydrates should not be combined with acidic foods. So a tomato based pasta is not a good idea at all. Pasta's are carbohydrates while tomatoes are acidic in nature. All sour foods should not be combined with carbohydrates. In fact acidic fruits don't go well with proteins either. Combining proteins with carbohydrates is not a good idea too. So a beef burger should go straight into the bin instead of your mouth. Even having two high-density proteins as a combination would lead to indigestion. So that ham omelet is not very clever thinking. Fats and proteins are not good food combinations either. A deep fried mutton steak would send very wrong signals to your digestive juices.Starches and sugars should not be on the same plate at the same time. Combining them leads to digestive problems. In fact no more that one starchy food should be eaten at one meal. Melons and milk are two foods that should be consumed separately from all other foods. Melons decompose very rapidly while milk was meant for the young mammalians so does not do too well to be mixed with other foods. Milk is digested in the duodenum so the stomach stops all digestion when milk is consumed. Milk can be combined with acidic foods though. These are the few basics of food combining.Food combining allows us to mix and match our foods so as to gain optimum benefit as well as satiate our taste buds. Food is no longer consumed by man merely for survival but is also eaten for the taste. If the basic food combing rules are kept in mind one would be able to eat foods they desire yet keep a healthy body. The acid alkaline diet plan encourages one to consume a lot of vegetable and fruits, which are good combination foods. Vegetables and fruits can be eaten as a combination and yet the body absorbs the two well. The acidic foods are eaten in very small quantities so they do not interfere with the digestive juices absorbing the qualities of other foods. This is one of the main reasons why people on the alkaline diet feel energetic and charged as opposed to those on high protein high fat diets. Since the body is able to make full use of the food eaten it stays high on energy.

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