Thursday, November 14, 2013

Discovering New, Fun Outdoor Activities With Your Pet

Aside from the usual walks around the park, there are actually many more activities that you can do together with your dog. These different activities will not only give them the exercise that they need but can also train them in specific aspects, such as agility and obedience. And the best part is they can also be a great way for you to bond with your pet. So here are a few of the best outdoor activities that you can do on that next date out.Adventure HikeA new trail will be more than a welcome change for your dog. Trail hikes can expose your dogs to different kinds of terrain than the usual concrete and Bermuda grasses in the park. But of course, the new view can pose new dangers and hazards as well, so always be prepared for these. Bring a short or retractable leash to keep the rope from tangling up with branches, and get a tick collar, which can effectively repel away any parasite from making its way on to your dog's fur.Dog Agility TrailsAgility trails are parks that are made especially for dogs. They are made out of several obstacle courses that your dog will surely have fun going through. There are ramps, balancing bridges, hurdles and many other obstacles that will give your dog that full workout. Today, more and more dog friendly communities are offering them for the residents and their pets.Water SportsMost dog breeds are not scared of water and will even be delighted being in one. Aside from that, going out for some water sports during the summer months can be the most fun way to chase off the summer heat while still giving them physical activity. You can play the usually catch with a twist by using waterproof and buoyant toys instead. Just make sure to throw it at a safe distance and at shallower depths.SoccerIt might be surprising to you but dogs can make tough soccer players. They can run very fast and are as intent in getting the ball as you are. This is a fun way that allows your dog and the entire family to have fun and exercise together. What you simply need is a good wide open space and a ball (not necessarily those expensive soccer balls) that he can bite onto or push around.Drill TeamA drill team is actually a group of people and their dogs who do synchronized dances. Although this may not be that much of a physical exercise compared to those mentioned above, this can be a great way to teach your dog discipline and obedience and help him improve his social skills towards other dogs and people.Although physical activities in dogs should be a must, this does not mean that it should all be repetitive and boring. So if you are ready to try something new, then these are the perfect activities to start with.

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