Monday, November 4, 2013

Advocate Flea Control - Because Pet Health Maintenance Includes Flea Protection

One recurring problems for some pet owners is flea infestation. What problems do the dog face? Blood loss, allergy dermatitis, secondary infection for raw skin patches, and the potential to transmit diseases to humans. Knowing that diseases from these infestations can affect people, parents can be naturally worried. You need to do something. To the list of pet health maintenance activities pet owners do - pet bathing and grooming, routine house cleaning, vet check ups - one should add finding a flea control and treatment solution that works in the long run. Advocate Flea Control is one the most recommended treatments, for very good reasons.What's different (and convenient) about Advocate is that it's topical - you use it on your dog's skin; it's unlike taken-by-mouth solutions. Oral solutions include tablets and chewables - the former to be grinded and mixed with pet food, the latter supposed as tasty as pet food itself (if the dog does eat it, that's well and good). There are some reasons why many pet owners choose topical over oral. They can't be blamed - no one wants to spend for a treatment mixed into pet food that the pet refuses to eat; by then, force feeding becomes a logical next step.Parasites addressed by Advocate Flea TreatmentAdvocate effective kills parasite infections your dog has prior to treatment (these include fleas, heartworm, various gastrointestinal worms, nasty ear mites, demodex, and even Sarcoptic Mange), provides continuous protection (one month), and shields your pet from re-infestation. It also comes in an easy to use tube. Advocate kills flea larvae residing in your pet's vicinity, so it curbs the chances of both re-infestation and cases of Flea Allergy Dermatitis.Your pet needs good parasitic coverage and protection, and Advocate's active ingredients - Imidacloprid and Moxidectin - provide exactly that. Moxidectin, one of the ingredients, quickly finds its way into your pet's bloodstream, right after absorption through the pet's skin. This ingredient protects your pet from heartworm infection if Advocate is used monthly. The same month-long protection also includes protection from gastrointestinal worms - hookworms and roundworms. Advocate also controls annoying ear mites and prevents the onset of a skin condition known as Demodex.ContraindicationsAdvocate is safe enough to use on young pups 7 weeks old. Still, some dogs may react badly to this treatment. Advocate may cause some allergic reactions in some animals, it's rate but it does happen; so here are some reminders. Do not administer said treatment if you know your dog has allergic reaction to the active ingredients in Advocate. Also, be sure to have your dog checked up by a vet if you have doubts. During the period after you administer treatment, you should watch your dog for allergic reactions that might ensue.

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