Monday, November 4, 2013

A Review of the Advocate Group MLM Attorney Kevin Thompson

The Advocate Group domain name was registered in May of 2001. The Lead MLM Attorney for this firm is Kevin Thompson. Upon perusing their website, as far as modern day design methodology is concerned, this website seems to be the most up to date including social media sources like Facebook and Twitter being available. Everyone that's been involved in Network Marketing for any length of time knows that the Regulatory Climate is changing.And this is not necessarily a bad thing. Like most governmental protocols, they are set by the powers that be to weed out the bad apples and to make sure that the stable MLM Company owners, the ones who play by the rules can ensure a long-term, outstanding future in this great industry surrounded by some of the best people anywhere.MLM Attorney Kevin Thompson from The Advocate Group worked as Chief Counsel at Team, formerly Team of Destiny. This company served as Orrin Woodward's tool business that produced sales aids for Amway distributors. When Orrin became a MonaVie distributor, Kevin also worked closely with their compliance department. He resigned his post in February of 2009 and started his own practice immediately thereafter.Of course, it's ironic that he worked with Amway BEFORE getting involved in litigation against them when Orrin Woodward led the charge and filed a class action lawsuit. He was part of the class action lawsuit filed in August of 2007, alleging Amway to be a pyramid scheme due to lacking retail sales.Kevin Thompson MLM Attorney from The Advocate Group places a high value on his integrity and he is an advocate for reform in the industry. He advises clients on the importance of implementing retail sales programs. The one dynamic you'll find about Kevin that separates him from the rest is that he has a knack for leveraging technology and he personally operates his enterprise with very little overhead to enable him to beat his competitors on price.So if you own or are starting an MLM Business and do things right chances are you'll eventually be a multi-million dollar per year power house business. But in the meantime, in that year or two before your business hits superbowl profits, you might want to look into MLM Attorney Kevin Thompson from The Advocate Group to see what he has to offer.As an MLM Startup company, you will be responsible to make sure for one that your all your ad copy as well as all aspects of your website, automated follow-up systems, etc. are FTC and also FDA compliant if you are selling consumable products. You'll also need someone to guide you through the ever changing, complex legal landscape that is a reality in the Network Marketing Industry.One of the articles Kevin Thompson from The Advocate Group is famous for writing is the Legitimate MLM or Pyramid Scheme and how you can tell the difference.

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