Saturday, November 2, 2013

11 Ways to Get Cheaper Home Insurance

Cheaper home insurance plans offer security to the home and its valuables at affordable price. A home is the most valuable property and its contents are of great personal value.Studies show that in the UK, there are frequent thefts in three out of four houses. However, a quarter of the total houses are not insured. There are other unfortunate events such as floods, storm, fire, riots that can lead to damage of property, and eventually financial loss.Cheaper home insurance provides protection for homeowners, property owners, as well as tenants.Insurers need to be aware of dates of construction and materials used for the building. It is also possible to get cottages, villas, condominiums, and prefabricated buildings insured.For a start, it is better to shop for various home insurance quotes. In this way, insurance buyers can compare the prices from plenty of insurance firms. With the quotes available, they can reduce their premium by a good amount.Homeowners can get discount, if they purchase their home insurance along with other forms of coverage. This is cheaper, than getting two types of policies from different firms.Tips on Cheaper Home Insurance:It is better to implement effective safety measures and reduce risks of claims to get a cheaper polciy.
It is better to avoid frozen or broken pipes.

It is necessary to maintain locks of the house, especially if it is new. It is wise to use five lever locks for external doors and two bolt locks for windows.

Smokers always have to pay higher premiums as smoking leads to fire hazards. Hence, either avoid smoking or pay high premiums for the insurance deals.

Use of a fire alarm reduces the insurance costs. Follow simple steps to avoid accidents such as avoid leaving unattended, keep match sticks away form children and check the house at night before going to bed.

There are discounts if there are lesser claims

Insurers can prefer for home security systems. For example, use of NACOSS standard alarm reduces the premiums up to seven percent.

The excess amount is the amount the insurer agrees to pay for claims. Hence, the premium is lower for higher excess. For example, some companies offer a discount of 20% for $250 excess.

If the insurer participates in any watch campaigns in the neighborhood, the home insurance company reduces the premiums up to five percent.

Do not be careless with the keys of the house.

There are most robberies and thefts when there is no one in the house. So, install time-switch lights that give the impression that there are people in the house

Need of an accidental damage cover increases the premiums up to 25%.
Other Means to Get Cheap Home Insurance:There are options in cheaper home insurance deals.Various reputed home insurers providers such as retail chains and supermarkets use their brand name to branch out to other areas.Most people prefer using brokers who shop on their behalf. This is another possible option. Direct insurers spend huge amounts on marketing. The savings to the consumer is the commission that the broker gets.However, the thing to do is just shop for yourself. With the internet it has never been easier to get an online quote. To see how easy it can be just use the resources below to help you save.

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