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Outdoor Activities in India

India is a diverse country that is known for its various aspects all over the world. There are a number of adventure and outdoor sports like mountaineering, jeep safari, tiger safari, paragliding, water rafting, trekking, hot air ballooning and angling for the adventure freaks. There is a large diversity in the landscapes and offers a number of options to its visitors that they can cherish the long lasting sweet memories for their entire lifetime.Some of the adventure sports in India are:Skiing: The snow covered peaks of Himalayas offer a variety of adventure activities such as mountain climbing, trekking, skiing and ice skating. Some of the popular places in India that specialize in such sports are Patnitop and Gulmarg in Jammu and Kashmir, Kullu, Manali and Kufri in Himachal Pradesh, and Auli in the Uttarakhand state of India.Mountaineering: Mountaineering is one of the primary adventure sports in India. This sport provides you an opportunity to see and explore the fauna and flora in the dense forests in different parts of India. The mountain climbing also helps in keeping you fit and there is much more in store for you when you visit one of the facilities that offer mountaineering. Some of the best places in India to do mountaineering are Leh, Ladakh, Himachal Pradesh, Ooty, Uttarakhand and Sikkim.Hot Air Ballooning: This is one of the latest entrants in the adventure sports arena. This sport allows you to have a bird eye view of the places. The main place in India to enjoy hot air ballooning is the Ballooning Club of India that is headquartered at Safdarjung Airport in Delhi. Some of the other places in India that are known for their hot air ballooning services are Ranthambore, Jaipur, Manali and Dharamshala.Para Gliding: The sport of Para Gliding will allow you to fly like a free bird. There are a number of places in India where you can enjoy the para gliding activities. Kangra district in Himachal Pradesh is one of the few places in India that are known for their para gliding competitions and other events that are organized here on regular basis. These events attract a number of gliders from different parts of the world.White Water Rafting: This is another popular adventure sport that is organized on the wild waters of Himalayas. The rafting facilities are provided on rivers like Indus, Sutlej, Ganga, Tista and Tsiang. Rishikesh is known as the hub of river rafting in India.

Top Outdoor Activities in Maui

This is a list of the top outdoor vacation activities in Maui, Hawaii, featuring Scuba Diving, Helicopter Tours and more. Learn how to get the most from your Maui vacation.- Swimming. Obviously swimming is one of Maui's favorite pastimes - and with over 120 miles of coastline surrounding the island they've plenty of beautiful beaches and water in which to do so.- Old Lahaina Luau. Luaus are a cultural tradition in Hawaii - it's something that every native Hawaiian has experienced numerous times, and it's something that every tourist should partake in at least once. And there's no better place for a luau than the city of Old Lahaina. Here you'll find great live music, games, and plenty of traditional food.- Surfing. Perhaps the most popular sport in Maui, surfing is enjoyed year round by both men and women of all ages. And don't worry - there are plenty of inexpensive surfing lessons available for those of you who are looking to hit the waves on your vacation to the island.- Scuba Diving / Snorkeling. There's no better way to see Maui than from underwater; thankfully, there's plenty of opportunities to do so. Beginners to scuba diving or snorkeling may want to find an instructor, but those who know what they are doing are free to explore the waters on their own.- Helicopter Tours. Aerial tours are particular popular amongst tourists to Maui, and they provide some breathtaking views of the island that simply can't be seen anywhere else.- Biking. One of the most popular methods of transportation around the island, biking is not only great exercise but it's a good way to see everything that Maui has to offer. With bike trails suitable for all ages and all skill levels, including a downhill ride down a dormant, 10,000 foot high volcano, the biking one can find here is simply unrivaled anywhere else.- Whale Watching. From December 15 to May 15, whale watching is at its prime; and there are plenty of tours and cruises that will get you up and close personal with one (or more) of these mammoths.- Iao Valley. Those who are traveling to Maui for the first time may not realize this, but there are some lush forests made up of trees that can only be seen here like the ohia and koa, along with a bevy of other tree and plant species.- Para-sailing. For those who are brave enough to be lifted up to 800 feet and towed behind a boat, there is no better thrill than para-sailing. If you want to see the island in a fun and unique way while getting your adrenaline fix for the day, para-sailing in Maui is a must.

A Great Outdoor Activity and Exercise That Will Build Muscles and Burn Fat

Running sprints are a great exercise that elevate your metabolism and burns fat when done in an interval basis. When you run sprints, you are running as fast as you can. This is best done in a very short term. It is very difficult and not productive to your fitness level or fat loss if you are sprinting at a longer interval. Personally, I do a lot of indoor sprints- either sprinting in place or using Pilates bands to enable me to do indoor sprints. These are good alternatives but nothing is better than sprinting outdoors. You will get a great workout that would require you to adequately recover so that you can do more sprints. Normally when I do indoor sprints, I would sprint for 20 seconds with a 10 second recovery. I would do that for 8-10 times (or sets). Outdoor sprinting requires more recovery time. Also, you must be more careful of not getting injured when you do outdoor sprints. What is the best way to make outdoor sprinting productive for your physical fitness and fat loss program?Before sprinting outdoors, make sure your legs are sufficiently warmed-up and that you are wearing proper foot gear. You are not running for time so you do not have to wear track shoes which have little or no padding. Instead, wear cross-trainer shoes or other supportive shoes. Rather than doing casual jogs for 30 minutes to an hour. It is more effective and productive to your fat loss program if you would sprint for 20 seconds with a minute recovery or so. Then, do that for 6-8 times (or sets). It should not take more than 15 minutes to do a great outdoor sprinting workout. Make sure your palms are open (rather than closed fisted). Pump your arms and bring your legs up with shorter and choppier strides. Afterward, make sure you do a light cool down and do ballistic and some static stretches so that you legs and back will cool down. Pay attention to your arc and to your Achilles. They can get injured easily during sprints.You will definitely workout when you do these outdoor sprints. Try it on a standard Track and Field track at a school or park. Your legs and back will get a great workout and may feel sore soon afterward. Also, you will be breathing hard long after the workout is over. That hard breathing is the difference that will make you lose weight.

Egg-cellent Recipes For Your Favorite Outdoor Activities

There is a great sense of satisfaction that comes for you when you have a relaxing and alluring backyard, and sharing your happiness is sometimes a great idea! Throw a party, have family members over for a barbecue - do whatever you like when you have a great backyard to enjoy. Add another sensation to the sound of nature, the fragrance of foliage, and the comfortable outdoor furniture. Put great taste into the mix and you have a virtually perfect environment. Share the love, not to mention the good food!Below I will mention a few, distinctive hardboiled egg recipes for your outdoor parties, picnics and other kinds of get-togethers. If you have an outdoor kitchen, a fire pit or barbeque grill you may consider some of these recipes for at-home, outdoor entertainment. The highlight of many occasions, or at least a significant part of the event (virtually never excluded in America) is the food. Despite the fact that we as a nation are growing more and more concerned about our health and good eating habits, we always want to have a nice selection of snacks on the side. This article will also introduce you to some healthier (but just as delicious) foods to cook and serve at outdoor (or even indoor) special events.First we will start with deviled eggs, an incredibly popular outdoor treat. Popular at poolside parties, barbeque's, pot-luck events, picnics and much, much more, deviled eggs are delicious. To make the proposition even tastier, I have two recipes for you. One is a less healthy deviled egg recipe for you, and the other is a lighter, healthier version of deviled eggs. Your guests will love to have the option, because some people especially when trying to loose weight - have few options in such circumstances.Mamma's Deviled EggsThis recipe makes twelve deviled eggs altogether, in halves, lengthwise. Therefore, if you choose, you can use the other six eggs in the carton to make the lighter version of deviled eggs.You will need the following items before you begin:6 eggs2 tablespoons and 2 teaspoons of mayonnaise1 teaspoon of mustard3 tablespoons of fried, real bacon bitsChives (optional)Paprika (optional)The procedure is simple. First you hard cook the six eggs and let them chill. Peel the eggs. Slice the eggs in half, lengthwise. Remove the yolks. Prepare the yolks for mixture by whipping them up. It is simpler to create a more creamy mix once you add the mayonnaise and mustard. Mix the bacon bits in with the mixture. Taste the mixture and add salt, pepper, and / or paprika to taste. Add a spoonful of the mixture into each of the deviled eggs. For appearance and / or presentation, garnish your deviled eggs with chives. You can also choose to garnish with the bacon bits instead of using them in the deviled egg mixture. Some people also prefer to use a kind of spicy mustard instead of regular mustard.A delicious as well as a beautiful treat to add to any occasion is the deviled egg tray. Whether you are serving a meal, or simply offering appetizers, these quite traditional snacks are perfect for any outdoor occasion. On the lighter side, you may consider making an alternative and healthier type of deviled eggs for your guests to choose from. Here are the ingredients you will need for the lighter recipe:New Light Deviled EggsThis recipe actually calls for 8 eggs. Therefore, if you purchase a carton of eggs for the party you will need a couple extra . . . or you will need to alter the recipe a bit. Many cooks, such as my self and my mother and her mother before her, like to make their own little alterations to popular recipes. You will need the following ingredients for this new, light deviled eggs recipe:8 eggs1/3 cup of fat free, plain yogurt1/3 light mayonnaise3 tablespoons of pickle relish1 teaspoon of dried, ground mustardPaprika (optional)Take 8 hardboiled eggs chilled. Peel the eggs in halves. Extract the egg yolks. Combine all ingredients together, with the exception of the paprika. Spoon the mixture into the halved, hardboiled egg whites. Sprinkle paprika over the eggs, adding spice and a lovely presentation as well. They are still delicious, and they are definitely still deviled eggs. This great new recipe offers the wonderful taste with about half of the fat and less calories than those you will consume by eating most other kinds of deviled eggs.You will love the taste of your food, and you will love the enjoyment you get from your outdoor furniture, landscaping and overall design even more with great tastes like traditional or distinctive hardboiled egg recipes. From entrées to side dishes, outdoor events such as picnics or barbecue get-togethers require excellent food to enhance the fun and the ambiance of the occasion. There are several recipes for pot-luck get-togethers, outdoor barbeque's and outdoor home parties. Improve it all with the sweet taste of great foods, the outdoors scenery, the good times that your friends and family members will always remember.

The CamelBak Hydration Pack - The Perfect Outdoor Activity Companion

There is one sports equipment innovation available today that any outdoor activity enthusiast should not be caught without. The CamelBak hydration pack is a must-have for those who wish to get the most out of their outdoor activities. Using these hydration packs will ensure that there is adequate water supply to keep the body in tip-top condition to fully enjoy everything an outdoor activity has to offer. It is no secret that the lack of water amidst the exposure to heat and the prolonged physical exertion in most outdoor activities could cause a number of physical impairments.For starters, the huffing and puffing that comes from tiredness in the middle of a long walk signals the start of dehydration. All the sweat that has come out from the body during the physical exertion has disrupted the body's hydration balance. Medical experts stress the importance of keeping the body hydrated during the activity in order to prevent the onset of dehydration. In fact, drinking water before any form of physical exertion is recommended. During the activity, taking in about 10 ounces of fluids for every quarter hour to half hour of strenuous physical exertion is advised. In any outdoor activity, stopping every quarter hour or half hour to get a drink of water is not exactly an appealing thought. In most cases, such stops could be perceived as bothersome and a tad unnecessary.With the advent of the CamelBak hydration pack, drinking water during an outdoor activity ceases to be inconvenient and bothersome. Hydration packs conveniently allow a user to carry his water supply in a water reservoir on his back or around his waist. When the need for water arises, all the user has to do is to put the bite valve into his mouth and bite onto it to get his drink. This bite valve is connected by a hose to the water reservoir in the hydration pack that sits comfortable on the users back. This eliminates the need to stop and lose those precious minutes of outdoor activity. As drinking water is more convenient, more time can be devoted to enjoying the activity and the perils of dehydration are averted.While there are some contentions as to the safety of such packs, most reputable brands like CamelBak have proven their mettle. Top manufactures have even added their own proprietary hygiene and safety features to ensure that consumers get only the best products. For a price tag of not lower than $40, consumers can expect hydration packs that are treated with antimicrobial components, constructed with durable and resistant materials, and designed with features that promote comfort and convenience. Needless to say, cheaper products of the same type do not necessarily mean the same quality. Comparing one brand versus another is still a good practice when making any purchase decision. Make a checklist of features you consider important and compare brands and styles side by side. In as far as hydration products are concerned, CamelBak hydration packs have been in the market longer than most brands and are considered to be one of the pioneers in hydration pack technology.

The Importance of Outdoor Team Building Activities

Businesses of all sizes across the globe are beginning to understand the importance of taking part in team building exercises and activity days in order to develop stronger relationships within their teams. It has been found that paying your employees to participate in a team building activity or day away from the office environment can dramatically increase the whole team's productivity and ability to work well together. The most popular form of team building activity is the outdoor team building days.Whilst your employees are busy enjoying themselves doing a whole host of activities such as treasure hunts, abseiling, canoeing, raft building and high rope challenges, they will also be bonding and learning to work as a team to achieve something. Although it may look like just fun and games, there are some important lessons being learnt which can then be transferred back to the office. It provides your employees with a topic of conversation and therefore something they have in common, which is a great basis for the further development of their relationships.The most difficult thing to do within a team of colleagues is to 'break the ice' between them or introduce a new member to an established team. In an office environment it can be even more complicated to do thus providing the perfect opportunity to partake in an outdoor building day.The activities undertaken on days like these force people to communicate and work together in order to achieve the task in hand. It also helps that the activities undertaken are really exciting and usually something most people have never done before which brings out peoples personality and helps conker fear. Once the task has been achieved, there is a great sense of teamwork and it helps to build upon the participant's confidence.By the end of a team building day you will have a team who are far more confident and able to work together. The activities also improve the relationship between the employees and employer as they feel rewarded for their efforts, and are therefore more likely to work harder for the company.Using a specialist company is the recommended route for organizing such outdoor activity days due to the fact they will be able to provide all the necessary materials, equipment and safety procedures to follow. There are many companies which run events like this so it is important to look around for one that is reputable. Some of the companies can also recommend the most suitable experience and activities for the outcome you wish to achieve. This is a great idea as they will be able to guide you into a bespoke team building day suitable for your individual company.

Outdoor Recreation in a Recession

Times are tough. I know it... you know it... everyone knows it. Many people are no longer able or wanting to spend the big bucks that some outdoor sports require. Boating for example can be a very expensive outdoor recreational activity. Gas prices have sky-rocketed and storage fees are high. Fun and carefree days out on the motorboat are no longer a stress-free activity.Outdoor recreation should not only be enjoyed by everyone but it should also cost very little if any money as well as be completely stress and worry free. There are enough things to be concerned with without having to worry about not being able to enjoy the great outdoors with our family and friends.Luckily there are several fantastic activities that cost very little money, if any at all. The outdoor recreation activities below can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

Frisbee at the park Hiking in the trails - if you have kids with you it can be really fun to do a treasure hunt (with a little pre-planning) Geo-caching Riding bikes Badminton Basketball or volleyball games All of the above activities are freebies... meaning you don't need to spend money to be able to enjoy them. One of my personal favorite all time outdoor activities happens to be kayaking. It can cost money to purchase a kayak of course or even to rent a kayak. If you are used to boating though I guarantee you the costs are minimal compared to running a gas-guzzling motorboat.Kayaks are self-powered and eco-friendly. They do no harm to the environment and allow for some excellent exercise. I love the inflatable kayaks as they can be easily transported and taken anywhere.In my opinion the days of big gas powered boats are numbered. The costs to run them are simply too high and the destruction they are doing to our waters and our shorelines are practically irreparable. Kayaking is the perfect outdoor activity while in a recession. The kayak business is booming and it is not necessary to spend a bundle. There are several great quality inflatable kayaks that can be purchased for a decent price and enjoyed by the whole family.The point is that just because money is tight, do not allow it to keep you from enjoying the outdoors. We are so fortunate to have such a beautiful world to live in and getting out for a huge gulp of fresh air doesn't cost a cent.